Since our inception, we have been determined to satisfy our clients. Today, we continue this tradition. Below is a sample of client comments about our services.

"Over years of working with them, MISI has always delivered a quality product in a timely fashion. This is particularly true of international surveys I’ve conducted with them. The data comes back impeccably clean, consistent, and accurately tabulated, which makes it a dream to do cross-culture data analysis. I would highly recommend MISI for all domestic and international market research."

"Overall, MISI is a wonderful supplier, and a true partner, who consistently does an excellent job for us. They are our best supplier for tactical research. MISI is a trusted, reliable partner who can always be counted on to deliver what we need, when we need it. They will 'jump through hoops' to ensure we get what we need. Their attention to detail and adherence to our protocol is top rate. They are truly a pleasure to deal with. Their analyses are solid for tactical projects."

"MISI's responsiveness and follow-up is extraordinary...the best of any of our suppliers. They are truly an extension of our department. They make our jobs so much easier versus dealing with other suppliers. It takes very little time for them to understand what is needed. They know the way we like things done and that makes our job much easier. You only need to request something once and MISI will do it every time, without being asked. Also, given how long they have been working with us, they know our brands/categories very well, thus requiring less briefing time. Additionally, their attention to detail is unbelievably strong. They are extremely reliable...never missing a deadline."

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